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Strategic Planning Process

As we embark on the strategic planning process, we believe in keeping our community well-informed and engaged. This webpage will serve as a central repository for all updates related to our strategic planning process. Your involvement and feedback are invaluable as we navigate this path together.

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Design Teams Think Big in Service of the Future

April 2024 - More than 50 stakeholders in the school community met online and in-person throughout the winter as part of the Design Team phase of the strategic planning process. Students, alumni, parents, faculty, school leaders and local partners were tasked with dreaming about and developing big ideas that could help propel Vail Mountain School into the future. 

Each team focused on one of five themes, previously identified as priorities in the data collection phase (see January entry below). This process has galvanized enthusiasm, identified concrete opportunities, and proposed solutions rooted in our mountain environment. Next, the steering committee will consider all of the initiatives and ideas generated by the design teams in order to overcome our challenges and build on our strengths.

Here is an overview of where we have been, and where we are going in the strategic planning process. 

Summer 2023: Marketing and enrollment research

Fall: Board of Trustees input and Steering Committee begins

Late Fall: Community survey

Winter: Design team work 

Spring and Summer: Steering Committee reviews and revises

June: Gather draft plan feedback from board and leadership team

Fall 2024: Launch a new strategic plan

Emerging Themes for Strategic Plan Guide Design Team Phase

January 2024 - After analyzing data collected from the community survey, demographic and market trends, and school reports, the Steering Committee has identified five emerging areas of focus for the strategic planning process. The school's strengths, weaknesses, and strategic themes were presented as part of the State of the School address on January 17.


With these focus areas in hand, an additional 50 members of the community will put their heads together to develop specific strategies for each goal. This diverse group brings together the board, leadership team, and steering committee with even more faculty, experts, community stakeholders, alumni, parents, and students. The design team process takes place through the winter and into the early spring.

Design Team Members

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Strategic Planning Community Survey Now Open 

September 2023 - Our Community's input is the next crucial to help ISA further their understanding of our school and community. Before Wednesday, October 4, please take a moment to complete this concise, anonymous survey that ISA designed regarding our strengths, weaknesses, and priorities for the future. Your input will play a significant role in shaping the direction of Vail Mountain School. Thank you for being an essential part of Vail Mountain School's journey.


Rellene la encuesta en español

For those of you who couldn't attend Back to School Night, you are encouraged to listen to our Head of School, Steve Bileca's remarks regarding this initiative in the recap below.

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Strategic Planning Steering Committee ChosenJuly 2023 - We are excited to introduce the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, a dedicated and diverse group comprised of individuals who share a deep commitment to our institution. This committee brings together the wisdom and experience of our Board of Trustees, former Board members, esteemed local community members, loyal alumni, and enthusiastic faculty.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Kristin Tang
Steve Bileca
Melissa Provencher
Nicole Magistro
Nick Waugh
Anne-Marie Keane
Jeffery Martz
Alicia Deters
Kim Langmaid
Pete Seibert, Jr.
Meredith Rose
Ross Sappenfield
Trevor Adams
Liana Sideli
Adrienne Arnason

Our Strategic Planning Steering Committee plays a pivotal role in charting the course for our institution's future. Their collective expertise and passion will guide us as we embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and excellence.

Stay tuned for updates from this dynamic team as they work diligently to shape our institution's strategic direction and ensure a bright and prosperous future for all who are part of our community.

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Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

May 2023 - The VMS Board of Trustees undergoes regular financial and strategic planning exercises to ensure that our mission is upheld and that the school is held in trust for future generations. Through a data-driven, dynamic, and inclusive process, the Board selected Ian Symmonds & Associates to guide the next iteration of VMS' strategic plan during the 2023-2024 school year. You can learn more about IAS and their extensive school and nonprofit strategy work at

By the time school starts, a Steering Committee of stakeholders will be chosen to engage in the process and serve as guides, representing a diverse set of stakeholders. In September, our entire community of parents, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and upper school students will be surveyed to learn about VMS' strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. By January, design teams will form in order to dive deep into the areas identified in the research as priorities. It is our hope to launch a new strategic plan for Vail Mountain School in the fall of 2024. 

Check back for developments, or feel free to email the committee chair and Board of Trustees Vice Chair Nicole Magistro with any questions regarding the process. 

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