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Tele Team Wolf Creek Championships


Tele Team Wolf Creek Championships

The Tele Team competed in Championships at Wolf Creek on March 1-2 this week. This event brought 76 tele skiers (aged 7-49 years old) from across the mountain west region to compete in a two day, combined run score, big mountain event! In addition to beautiful sunshine, steep cliffs, and lots of freeheel energy, the team took home some hardware and made lifelong memories.

U15 Female
3rd Tatum wells 
5th Camila O'Gorman

U15 Male
2nd Colin Glackin

15-17 Female
1st Gaby gish
2nd Addi Reihe
3rd Ella Towle
4th Cate Counselman 
8th Frankie Marston
9th Emily Franciose
11th Emily Gish
12th Priscila O'Gorman
13th Sage Evans

15-17 Male
8th Simon Chantler
13th Chris Large
16th Kyle McCutchen
18th Ben Orlinsky

Over 18 Female
2nd Catie Reihe
3rd Stella Addis

Over 18 Male
8th Drew Bolster
16th Will McLoota

Sick Bird Award
Drew Bolster 

"The coveted Sickbird Award is awarded based on no numbered score and no judging criteria, but instead on sheer wow factor, something that made the crowd rise to its feet, confidence and consistency throughout the event, or one of many other factors not on the official judging criteria."