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Welcome Wilder, one of our first Mountain Local Scholars


Welcome Wilder, one of our first Mountain Local Scholars

Q: We're thrilled to have your family join our community. Could you share a bit about your family's history in the local area and what drew you to Vail Mountain School?

A: Wilder was born into and is being raised by a ski school family.  His father Doug Bartholomew and I have been ski instructors in the Valley for 10 years.  Wilder thrives in the mountain community here by skiing regularly and mountain biking all summer.  Vail Mountain School was a natural fit for Wilder’s sense of adventure and curious mind. Overall, Wilder fell in love with the school.  Who wouldn’t?!

Q: Congratulations on being awarded the Mountain Local Scholarship for the upcoming school year! What impact do you believe this scholarship will have on your family's experience at Vail Mountain School? 

A: Being awarded the Mountain Local Scholarship has allowed Vail Mountain School to go from a possibility to a reality for our family.  We are so grateful!  It means so much that Vail Mountain School values its longer-time local residents who are trying to make education like this a priority for their family. We feel welcomed into VMS and can’t wait to give back to the community.

Q: Wilder is a rising Kindergartener and will have a very special Senior Buddy (or two) next year. Have you heard much about this program? If so, what are you looking forward to most? 

A: Oh, we know and are sooo pumped about it!  Wilder talks about it regularly.  Magically, he came to understand that when he’s a teenager HE gets his own Kindergarten buddy.  How fun!  There is so much to say about this program and why it ties the community together.  We are thrilled to know that a senior buddy (or two) will be looking out for our Wilder and making sure he feels a part of. We can assure you Wilder will do the same for his senior buddy!

Q: What are your hopes for your family's experience at Vail Mountain School, and how can we best support you in achieving them?

A: We are looking forward to Wilder jumping out of the car when he gets to school, his curiosity being fed by the variety of programming and how the school community members will be as excited to meet him as he is to meet them.  The best way Vail Mountain School can support us in achieving this is to keep communication open and let us know how we can be helpful to further connect home-life with school-life."