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Message from the Head of School


For nearly 60 years, since 1962, Vail Mountain School has served the students and families of the Vail Valley and beyond. Not only known for our rich history, deep sense of community, and strong traditions, VMS is also highly regarded for its commitment to our students. We know our students, respect their individuality, and support and love them.
The journey of education requires the blending of knowledge with the process of assimilating ideas and ultimately developing wisdom. Inspiring thoughtfulness nurtures lifelong learners who possess four critical VMS attributes: a strong sense of empathy; deep moral character; a commitment to self-advocacy; and the appreciation that we belong to something greater than ourselves. Furthermore, we are a place where our rapport driven faculty and staff thoughtfully expose our students to the world and link the world to our students.
Because of our rigorous high-quality college preparatory curriculum, 100% of our graduates have been accepted to their best-fit four-year college. We possess an unparalleled collaborative relationship with our community and our mountain environment, and our students are also athletes, thespians, musicians, artists and diverse learners.

I am grateful to be part of this remarkable community at this time in our school’s history. Sharing in the stewardship of our most precious treasure—students whose lives are transformed through the VMS experience—is a profound privilege. I encourage you to explore our website, visit our campus and open the door to an education that is like nowhere else in the world!

Mike Imperi
Head of School

The environment at Vail Mountain School gives students the confidence and the tools to pursue their goals. My teachers not only believed in me but took me seriously. They would listen to ideas I had and push me to move forward with them.–Alumna ‘08

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2021 VMS Rolling Strategic Plan


  • Clarify and communicate educational philosophy based upon our mission, traditions, and core values to the external community, current families, faculty, staff, and prospective families. 
  • Educate the community about the unique cultures of each division while adhering to the mission and vision of the school.
  • Examine programming for our highly motivated students and consider new resources.


  • Support student wellness through a review of our K-12 social emotional programs and curriculum.
  • Prioritize enrollment of mission-appropriate students.
  • Foster enrollment of students from different socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Ensure a community culture that supports the inclusion and belonging of an increasingly diverse student body.
  • Review, create, and then display age-appropriate visuals of a Portrait of a VMS Student.


  • Hire and transition a new Head of School.
    Create more opportunities for faculty and staff input in the school’s programs and decision-making process.
  • Review faculty and staff compensation with a particular focus on transparency and fairness.
  • Identify opportunities to increase faculty and staff access to housing.
  • Focus on faculty and staff wellness through a review of behavioral health support.


  • Evaluate the best use of our physical space and opportunities for additions on our current campus.
  • Resolve the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) agreement with the Town of Vail.
  • Launch our Rolling 5-year Facility Maintenance Plan.


  • Explore the ideal size of school based on our programming and physical space.
  • Provide increased student and parent education to reinforce the responsibilities and commitments each makes as a community member of VMS.
  • Review the impact of the VMS partnership with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail on all aspects of the school.
  • Research enrollment accessibility with regard to transportation, scholarship, and tuition assistance across divisions.


  • Prioritize Inclusion & Belonging initiatives within the VMS community. 
  • Ensure compliance with the NAIS and ACIS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion standards.
  • Establish an operational Inclusion & Belonging committee.
  • Secure permanent funding for Inclusion & Belonging consulting, staffing, and programming.
  • Increase the diversity of the members of the VMS Board of Trustees, board committees, and faculty and staff to ensure it reflects the community as a whole. 


  • Add at least $10M to our existing endowment in order to support the legacy of VMS in perpetuity.
  • Update our Rolling 5-year Financial Plan.
  • Secure permanent funding for the VMS Speaker Series.
  • Create a more robust culture of philanthropy in the VMS community.