Thinking Ahead: The VMS Speaker Series



It Begins At Home… Drug Prevention is a Family Affair
When: Thursday, September 19, 2019- 5:00 p.m.
Where: VMS Theater
Audience: Parents of VMS students in grades 5-12
Topics: Drugs, alcohol, vaping, and other substance abuse prevention

About the Presentation
After 23 years, the Miles To Go Drug Prevention Educational Lecture Series continues to study the trends and behavioral patterns of adolescent drug use and abuse. After two decades of teaching and raising a teen of their own, Jonathan and Kelly still feel strongly that the best prevention begins at home. In their new parenting lecture for the 2019-2020 school year, they have chosen the most popular themes and strategies from their work with families and schools. These tips will range from early elementary to college age students with action steps throughout the developmental process. Always included in their presentations are the newest drug fact updates for the year such as some of the issues and concerns surrounding raising children in an age of drug legalization.

About the Speaker
Jonathan Scott is a professional speaker and educator working to enlighten people on the subject of substance abuse. Jonathan is a recovering drug addict. Jonathan focuses on comprehensive drug facts, the social and political environment surrounding drugs (legal and illegal), and the chemistry of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and their effects on the body.

Jonathan is the co-founder of Miles to Go. Their mission statement best sums up their work: “Miles To Go Drug Prevention Education strives to simplify a complex subject into understandable terms and make that knowledge applicable in everyday life. Our goal is to integrate the science of drugs into biology, psychology, pop culture, life-long learning and our emotional and social lives. We want to encourage healthy and informed choices for families. We operate from the core belief that proactive language and positive self talk have the power to change lives. We are committed to the idea that drug education is not just about drugs, but that it’s also about communication, life skills, and relationships. We see drugs not as the problem, but as a symptom of larger problems that are not being dealt with in an effective way.

We believe we have miles to go before we are done learning how drugs can help and hurt our children, our selves, our elders, and our friends. We use all media resources to examine drug addiction and substance abuse. Drug prevention is not a black and white subject – it is a gray area of constantly changing information where we learn from each other and apply that knowledge in our lives.”

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