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The VMS Fund

The VMS Fund

At Vail Mountain School, we strive to inspire and empower our students to:

Embrace their individuality, cultivate empathy, thrive academically, and BELONG in a community that is greater than themselves.
BECOME more than they ever thought they could be.
"BE YOU" in a world that often emphasizes conformity.

Donations to The VMS Fund are tax-deductible
VMS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization
Tax ID 84-0533775


Funds could be used for:


  • New Specific Specialized Courses in Upper School
  • New Intraterm choices in Middle School
  • Additional academic support in Lower School


  • New band instruments
  • New partnership in Upper School with local professional artists
  • Integrated stage technology


  • New team uniforms

  • New bus for sporting events

  • Improved weight room equipment

Outdoor Ed

  • Enhanced partnerships with new community partners to make a difference in the community

  • Continued support for the Outdoor Assistance Program

Financial Aid

Support students of all different backgrounds to attend VMS!

How did the VMS fund support us in 2022-2023?

  • Increased Funding for the Outdoor Assistance Program: We boosted funding for our Outdoor Assistance Program, ensuring that every student had access to the necessary equipment for their outdoor adventures.

  • Continued Our Tradition of Outdoor Education: We remained committed to outdoor education, offering experiences such as orientation trips, hut trips, Walking Mountains field trips, and class overnights.

  • Expanded Sports Team Rosters: Our sports teams grew, representing a flourishing community of dedicated athletes and coaches.

  • Recognized Faculty Contributions: In recognition of our faculty's invaluable work, we provided compensation for their efforts over the summer in developing innovative curricula across all divisions. 

  • Supported Six Theatre Performances: We proudly supported six theatre performances across all divisions, enriching our students' artistic experiences.

  • Attracted World-Renowned Speakers: Four world-renowned speakers engaged with both VMS students and the wider Eagle County community.

  • Empowered Student Projects: We backed senior projects that empowered students to tackle real-world challenges and apply their knowledge.

  • Enriched Experiences Beyond the Classroom: Our educational experiences extended beyond the classroom, including programs like "Rivers and Literature," the Senior New York trip, MS Santa Fe trip, and the 5th-grade Denver trip.

  • Community Engagement: We planned and hosted exciting community events, including the Hullabaloo, Alumni Family Day, and the Winter Solstice Breakfast, bringing our community closer together.

VMS Fund

2022-2023 VMS Fund Participation

90% Family Participation

100% Employee Participation

Why is this important?
Other funding and grant sources look to Annual Giving participation as a measure of the engagement and commitment of the school's community members. Corporations and foundations considering a contribution look carefully at the percentage of parents who support the school.  


Be You

Be Inspired

Ways to Give

Embracing individuality while sharing common values and experiences.

Providing opportunities for students to excel in the classroom and beyond. 

Be You
Stoking curiosity, discovering passions, and cultivating YOU.