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Intraterm is a cherished VMS tradition, a “term between terms” for all students that typically occurs in mid-February before the winter break. The purpose of Intraterm is to give students the opportunity to participate in intensive explorations of subjects beyond the regular curriculum and perhaps beyond their normal scope of interest. Often, Intraterm courses have a travel component. Intraterm also allows faculty to teach outside their normal scope of interest and share personal passions or areas of expertise with students. In the Lower School, regular classes are suspended for a week, allowing a deep dive into a cross-age, project-based thematic study of a real-world topic. Teachers guide students, provide feedback, and give groups of students a chance to publicly present their solutions.
Previous Intraterm courses have included trips to the Grand Canyon to learn about digital photography, a course on the history of baseball and the role of statistics, cultural immersion trips to Costa Rica and China, and Lower School studies of oceans and prehistoric life.

Previous Intraterm Experiences:

MS 10th Mountain 
MS Snow Science
MS Siege Weapons
MS Outdoor Education
US Architecture and Design - Chicago
US Baja
US Avalanche Safety
US Coral Reef Restoration and Global Citizenship
US Human Rights Across Borders
US Knots Navigation
US Language and Culture of Costa Rica
US Space Camp