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At VMS, we believe that nurturing student health and wellness is as important to a student's overall success as academic growth and achievement. Our approach to educating students is, quite intentionally, a holistic one. To this end, we provide a wide variety of support, programming, and resources to help students find balance and develop self-confidence, sound judgment, and resiliency, both inside and outside the classroom. We also recognize the importance of supporting our faculty and staff, and we continue to invest in resources to support all members of the VMS community. 

Over my years at VMS, I feel that I have gained an understanding of myself, knowing who I really am. I have come to recognize my strengths and weaknesses as a person, and understanding these while at VMS will set me up for success in my next four years. Alumnus ‘21

Health & Wellness

Middle School Health and Wellness

Middle School students are taught a developmentally appropriate health and wellness curriculum during their Seminar course. This course assists students in understanding more about their own body and in understanding healthy routines for both their body as well as their minds. The Middle School PE elective also helps to support students learning about whole body wellness, which includes mindfulness, healthy eating, and lifelong habits of keeping fit both physically and mentally.

Upper School Wellness Classes

  • Personal Growth
  • Mindfulness
  • Technology
  • Ethics
  • Healthy Sexual Relationships
  • Public Speaking
  • Life Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Diversity, Equity, and Society
  • How to Care for Yourself After High School

Erica Pass
School Nurse

Kate Drescher Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist

Kyle Pletcher
School Resource Officer

Since its founding, VMS has embraced a whole-child approach that acknowledges the inextricable ties between academic and social-emotional growth. The challenges that today's children face are far more complex than ever before and required equally unprecedented support. VMS provides primary prevention programming for students, parent education, and faculty professional development on topics such as vaping, technology, substance abuse, healthy relationships and sexuality, and mental health issues. Dr. Kate Drescher Psy.D. leads the psychological services team at VMS.

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Meet VMS's Facility Dog, Beignet! She is a purebred Golden Retriever just over two years old with a sweet disposition and is both calm and playful. She trained at Canine Companions for Independence and knows more than 40 commands! Beignet is a valued member of the VMS community and an essential part of our culture of happiness and good health.