By high school, students are equally at ease expressing themselves with digital tools as they are with language and writing. Our task is to engage them as collaborators and help them develop nuanced, sophisticated creations that express their vision. This may be advising a student on how to create an iOS app for a senior project, using social media to build awareness of a cause, or troubleshooting a 3-D model that is not working as planned.  At the same time, we continue to advise them on character issues of respect, responsibility and digital decorum in online interactions. This takes place during homebase discussions, presentations by guest speakers, and a new course called, “Technology and Society” that students take in 9th grade as a part of the school's B.A.S.E. program (Basic Academic Supplemental Electives).

Upper school students are required to have their own laptop, which they use to access Power Learning, our online learning management system, and the full suite of Google Apps. Together, these tools provide a central location for students to store work and communicate with teachers. Both students as well as parents can also see real-time grades through Power Learning. In upper school students have a variety of electives to choose from and this year, students will have the option to take a computer science major course called, CodeHS. Students have access to our makerspace and computer lab outfitted with high-end Apple iMacs and oversize displays for sharing work. Adobe Creative Cloud, 3D printers, and a vinyl cutter allow our upper school students to express the knowledge that they have acquired throughout their years at VMS and their creativity in an independent, student-driven setting.