Senior Project

Seniors may elect to complete a project during the latter part of their culminating year at VMS. Projects most often fall within the realm of science, humanities, fine arts, or  performing arts and take the form of either a research-based or creative project, with a possible internship. In past years, one student worked with an orthopedic surgeon researching new shoulder surgery techniques. Another adapted a book to a musical that she produced, directed, and presented to the public in the VMS theater. Yet another senior designed a “green-greenhouse” incorporating a simple geothermal heating system to reduce its carbon footprint. This student’s ideas were later used in the school’s own greenhouse, completed in fall of 2014.

All Senior Projects include a substantial, scholarly paper and/or portfolio, an oral defense, and a presentation to an audience comprised of teachers, community experts, peers, and the general public. This unique VMS tradition allows our graduating seniors a challenging opportunity to work independently as they will in college, indulge passions, or explore something that they’ve never tried before.