Intraterm is a week-long “term between terms” for upper school students and faculty. All other classes are put on hold, giving students the opportunity to participate in intensive explorations of subjects beyond the regular curriculum and, perhaps, beyond their normal scope of interest and often with a travel component. Intraterm also allows faculty to teach outside of their primary discipline and share personal passions or areas of expertise with students. Take for example, a calculus teacher who offered a course on the history of baseball and the role of statistics, or the group that traveled to the Grand Canyon to learn about digital photography in the spirit of Ansel Adams, or our headmaster and CFO who taught students about 21st Century business practices touring local businesses. Some courses focus on cultural immersion and we're proud to offer trips to Costa Rica and China for January 2016. Each year, Intraterm is an opportunity to try something new and delve deeply into one single subject, planting seeds that might grow into a senior project, a college major, or even a calling.