Ski Friday

Ski Friday is a defining tradition at Vail Mountain School dating back to the founding of the school when the kids would ski each day after classes. Their parents built and ran the mountain, as well as the school, so it was a natural extension of the classroom. Today, the tradition lives on and is celebrated each Friday afternoon during winter term. Clad in bright bibs that proudly proclaim their identity as VMS students, lower schoolers ski in groups closely supervised by teachers and lucky parents who can take the afternoon off and join their children. Middle and upper school students ski in groups based on ability and goals, which means that some chase powder “bell to bell’ while others take a more leisurely approach, enjoying french fries at Mid Vail as well as the company of their friends. It’s yet another way for everyone at VMS to get to know each other better, to interact in a fun, positive way outdoors, and to enjoy one of the finest perks of life in the Vail valley.

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