Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important”. – Bill Gates

When students reach middle school, they continue learning how to conduct effective research using the Internet and how to use free online tools to demonstrate learning. Students are issued a Chromebook for 6th grade and once they reach 7th grade, they enter the first year of our BYOD program (bring your own device). All middle school students are required to have access to a personal device (iPAD or laptop) during 7th and 8th grade so that they can learn to effectively use this tool, plan their time, and manage distractions that come with having a personalized device to use throughout the day.

During middle school, students are taught how to take ownership their digital footprint, keep their digital life organized, and how to harness technology for learning purposes both in their personal lives as well as in the classroom and technology class. Students will learn how to express their ideas through sophisticated multimedia presentations, short films, animations, and collaborative group projects. In addition, the Middle School provides opportunities to design objects and model them on a 3-D printer, design vector graphics using our vinyl cutter, experiment with graphic design, and learn basic computer programming. All students use Power Learning, a learning management system, to track their assignments and check their grades, as well as the Google Apps for Education suite for productivity and storage of files.