Our lower school curriculum takes full advantage of digital resources and tools carefully selected to enrich learning across disciplines. As a parallel to teaching students how to form letters and words with pencil and paper, they also learn proper keyboarding techniques starting in 3rd grade with the introduction of Chromebooks. Research and critical thinking skills are introduced through web searches protected by the school’s robust firewall and filters. Our lower school STEM program includes robotics, computer programming, computational thinking and design challenges to enhance student understanding of “how things work” in our technology driven world.

Each student in Kindergarten through third grade is equipped their own iPad which they use to demonstrate knowledge and practice core skills. Students share Chromebooks and iPads in 3rd grade and grades 4-5 are issued their own Chromebook, in part to teach them the responsibility of caring for the devices, and for easy access to a wide array of online resources made available through Google Chrome and corresponding Chrome Apps. Starting in third grade, each student is also assigned a VMS e-mail address to communicate asynchronously with their teachers. Our job in teaching technology is to empower students with the tools they need to communicate and express themselves as 21st Century digital natives.