Learning needs to be fun, relevant and engaging. Students learn best through play and investigation into real world topics. Project based learning(PBL) is a creative learning experience that gives students parameters, guidance and evaluative feedback as they construct new knowledge, solve open-ended problems and practice the skills of innovation. During Intraterm, the lower school takes a week in February to suspend all regular classes and dive deep into a cross-age, week long, project based thematic study of a real world topic. Project based learning starts with a driving question or challenge that then leads to a collaborative, in depth inquiry process to create a solution. The teachers guide the student driven process, provide feedback, and give groups of students a chance to publicly present their solutions. PBL works on such 21st century skills as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, information and technology literacy skills and life skills such as leadership, flexibility and productivity.

Thus far, the lower school has studied oceans and prehistoric life in Colorado. For the 2020 intraterm, we will continue our study of Colorado History to learn more about the Ute, Pueblo, and Shoshone tribes, as well as other Native Americans who were the original inhabitants of Colorado.