Accelerated Learning

As an independent school, VMS has flexibility to tailor curriculum in order to challenge “high flyers” and provide them with differentiated instruction. In lower school, this is accomplished through ongoing assessment to look for indications of mastery and readiness for additional challenge. In addition to classroom differentiation, middle school students find additional challenge in our Enrichment program and by particpating in groups like Math Club and Book Club. The upper school curriculum focuses on ability rather than age for placement, and includes opportunities to take Advanced Placement courses in many subjects. More importantly, our students pass these courses because they are well prepared by the curriculum that leads up to the high-level coursework of APs. In 2013, 21 students took 66 AP exams and 73% of scores were 3s, 4s, or 5s.

Creating challenge for high achieving students requires faculty who are singularly focused on the needs of each child--something we do very well at VMS. Where a good school knows your child’s name, a great school knows your child’s heart, and for high flyers, we know that their heart includes their head.