Portrait of a VMS Graduate


  • VMS graduates speak articulately, respectfully, and confidently to all members of the community.
  • VMS graduates understand and employ empathy, recognize different perspectives, and see the value of diversity in the world.
  • VMS graduates are guided by an ethical framework and a strong ethical code, providing them with integrity in the face of challenges and injustices.
  • VMS graduates possess strong self-advocacy skills and have the courage to ask for help, not for the answer.
  • VMS graduates take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and behaviors both in and out of school.
  • VMS graduates approach life’s challenges with perseverance and grit.


  • VMS graduates find joy in learning, in thinking open mindedly, and in exploring areas that are important to them.
  • VMS graduates respect knowledge; however, they also question doctrine in order to find their own answers to life’s questions.
  • VMS graduates work well both independently and collaboratively in order to achieve personal and group success.
  • VMS graduates utilize strong executive functioning skills.


  • VMS graduates appreciate the natural world around them as they thrive in the surrounding mountain environment.
  • VMS graduates are kind and considerate to people of all ages, exemplified by relationships with their younger peers.
  • VMS graduates recognize that their education provides them the opportunity and skills to serve a public purpose both locally and globally.