Mookie the Mountain Dog

December 9, 2014- VMS hosted some special guests over the past week from Ski Patrol. Mookie, one of Patrol’s rescue dogs, joined by his handlers, visited students to talk about mountain safety. Each year, timed with the start of Ski Friday, the school invites members of Ski Patrol to talk with students about their responsibilities as skiers and snowboarders and ways to keep themselves and their friends safe while sliding on snow.

About Vail Mountain School

Founded in 1962, Vail Mountain School is a K-12, coed, independent school in Vail, Colorado. Our philosophy is to provide a demanding, college preparatory, liberal arts education in an atmosphere of mutual respect between faculty and students, where nurturing a healthy self-concept and stimulating academic inquiry are parallel objectives. Intentionally designed cross-age programs promote role modeling, responsibility, self confidence, and a sense of community. Our location in the Rocky Mountains allows us to integrate the outdoors into the academic and cultural fabric of the school through hut trips, all-school Ski Fridays, and other experiential learning opportunities. The result: our graduates possess a quiet confidence that serves them well in college and in life—confidence to assert themselves in their first college level essays; to raise their hand in a class of hundreds; to live on their own for the first time, to meet with and engage their professors; and to lead among their peers.