VMS Community Supports One Another During Crisis

The Macsata Family Takes In Millie Zhu '19

Jingyang “Millie” Zhu came to live with VMS favorite Ms. Macsata and her family in the fall of 2016.  Millie was one of the New Oasis International students who came from China to VMS in 2015.  After spending a year with a family in Edwards, Millie was interested in living closer to school and the Macsata family generously offered to take her in.  Millie graduated from VMS in 2019 and was accepted at Boston University.

Millie kept in touch with the Macsatas throughout her first semester in college.  Because of the COVID-19 crisis, Millie had to vacate her dorm at BU for the remainder of the semester.  She contacted the Macsatas, and of course, they offered to take her in as she was unable to return to China due to flight cancellations.

Millie arrived back in Vail on March 13 and the Macsatas welcomed her with open arms. She seamlessly fit back into the routine of the household.  Millie fills her time with family game nights, puzzles, walking the dog, and of course LOTS of schoolwork. Although she has already had three flights canceled, Millie is hoping to return to China soon. However, the Macsatas offer of hospitality endures without a deadline.

This heartwarming story of our community exemplifies all that is special about VMS.  Our teachers and staff do whatever it takes to help our students and the bonds they form last a lifetime.