Intraterm 2020

School News
February 24, 2020 -  As our community knows, one of the many great traditions at Vail Mountain School, is our week-long Intrater for students and faculty.  Each grade at VMS cherishes this tradition as classes are put on hold, and students are given the opportunity to participate in intensive explorations of subjects beyond the regular curriculum and expand their horizons beyond their work in the classroom. . Intraterm also brings our faculty joy in allowing them to teach outside of their primary discipline and share personal passions or areas of expertise with students. Each year, Intraterm is an opportunity to try something new and delve deeply into one single subject, planting seeds that might grow into a new interest, senior project, a college major, or even a calling. This year’s intraterm was so no exception!

Lower School students participated in a week of cross age activities focusing on Colorado's Native Americans.  The week culminated with a museum in the Common where each Intraterm group displayed their research.
Middle School students chose from activities including the Science of Skydiving, Musical Theater, Snow Science hut trip, or Outdoor Education on campus.  Off campus activities included an Art/Music/History Denver trip as well as an international trip to Belize.
Lucky Upper School students could choose from a  course on: 
  • Art & Community
  • Architecture & Design
  • Avalanche Level 1 & Backcountry Risk Management
  • Exploring Stories of America in California 
  • Santa Fe Soujourn 
  • Space Camp in Alabama
  • Knots and Navigation in the Florida Keyso 
  • Island and  Marine ecology in Baja Sur, Mexico
  • Coral reef restoration in Curacao
  • Human rights expedition in Tijuana, Mexico