VMS Theatre Preview 2018-19

School News
September 11, 2018
Theatre Director Tony Bender has been hard at work securing rights to shows, casting roles, and crafting a script for our lower school production. This year’s offerings range from classic Broadway hits to thought-provoking, conceptual shows about society. Save the dates and join us for a great year of theatre ahead.

The Laramie Project
Upper School Standard Play
November 2-4

In October 1998, Matthew Shepard was a 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming. He was also gay, and was brutally murdered because of it. Following the incident and a criminal trial that brought worldwide attention to hate crime legislation, a group called The Tectonic Theater Project spent a year and a half interviewing people in Laramie, Wyoming. The Laramie Project tells the story of Shepard’s death and the reaction of the community through the voices of these real people. An Upper School cast of 13 will portray 60 different characters in three acts. This show is conceptual, raw, and largely unfiltered, and as a result, is thought provoking, but also considered PG-13.

A Mountain School Carol
Lower School Production
December 19-20

The classic holiday story written by Charles Dickens with a VMS twist! Written by Theatre Director Tony Bender specifically for our students and our community, Lower School students in grades 3-5 will help usher in the winter break with music, singing, dancing, and fun for all ages. Though Dickens’ classic tale takes place in the 19th Century, this modern interpretation (complete with a Scrooge-inspired portrayal of Mike Imperi) incorporates contemporary hits and classic rock to tell the story of Vail Mountain School’s past, present and future.  

Upper School Musical
April 5-7

Flappers! Jazz! Murder! Broadway! What more could you want? One of the longest-running Broadway Musicals, arrives at VMS this spring. You likely know the show, but in case you don’t, this musical takes place in Chicago (of course) during the Roaring 20s and tells the story of a woman accused of murder trying to absolve herself. Spoiler alert- she did it, but you may find yourself rooting for the bad guy, or gal in this case. One of the highlights of the VMS production—the entire show will be choreographed by VMS students enrolled in the Upper School Dance Major course. The VMS production is the high school version, which is appropriate for all audiences.

Middle School Musical
May 3-5

The sun will shine bright in the VMS theatre with 44 Middle School students in this classic tale of grit and perseverance. Set in the Great Depression, students will be challenged to take on roles as characters ranging from orphans to billionaires to presidential cabinet members. You’ll also surely want to sing along as we close the VMS Theatre season with iconic classics like Hard-Knock lIfe, Easy Street, and Tomorrow. (That will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome!)  

Tickets will go on sale one month in advance of each show and may be purchased online or at the door the night of each show. Also of note this year, the Middle and Upper School shows include Friday and Saturday evening performances with a Sunday matinee. All shows are open to the public, so please bring friends!