2018 Middle School Science Fair

School News
March 6, 2018
After earning top honors at the VMS Middle School Science Fair, VMS Liv Moritz, Kjersti Moritz, Stella Addis, and Connor Provencher advanced to the Western Regional Fair held in Grand Junction where they took four of the eight top spots on February 26. Connor and Stella were first and second, respectively, and Liv and Kjersti were also among the eight finalists chosen. In April, these four students, together with their teachers Mr. Falk and Ms. Lewis, will represent VMS at the Colorado State Science Fair held in University of Colorado Fort Collins.  

Science fair projects are a major component of the 7th and 8th grade science curriculum and are a the student’s primary focus between Thanksgiving and the beginning of February. They begin by selecting a project that will interest and challenge them and that include both an independent and dependent variable component. From there, students research background information, conduct a practice trial, and then conduct their actual experiment, gather data, and interpret their findings. Students then construct a classic science fair poster board to present their findings to a panel of judges and the rest of the VMS community in the actual Science Fair, which is held in the Common.

Different judges specifically evaluate literature review, procedure, data and conclusion, display and oral presentation. This year, judges came from both inside VMS and from outside organizations including Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Town of Vail, and Walking Mountains Science Center. Judges determine the following awards for each grade level – Best Presentation, Best Display, Most Original, Most Scientific and Best Overall.

2018 Award Winning Projects

Best Presentation
  • Grade 8 - Hannah Serbinski – Turn Down for What
  • Grade 7 - Dylan Levine – Stress Less Test Best
Most Original
  • Grade 8 - Mack Dorf – Effect of Wood type on Screw Pullout Strength
  • Grade 7 - Simon Chantler – What Makes You Drool?
Best Display
  • Grade 8 - Elliot Dyroff – The Effect of Oils on the Time of a Bath Bomb Dissolving
  • Grade 7 - Kaitlin Keane – Kick it Goooood
Most Scientific
  • Grade 8 - Stella Addis – Salty Studies
  • Grade 7 - Liv Moritz – Life in the Fast Lane
Best Overall
  • Grade 8 - Conner Provencher – The Effect of the Date of Turf Fiedl Installment on Energy Absorption in Fields
  • Grade 7 - Kjersti Moritz – Up, Up, and Away