K-12 Intraterm

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February 6, 2018
Intraterm began several years ago as a program for students in tenth grade that took place in between terms and was an opportunity for immersion in one single subject. The program was wildly popular and expanded to include all upper school grades in 2013. Now, five years later, Intraterm is growing again, and next week, ALL students in grades K-12 will take part in Intraterm.

Stay tuned for stories, photos, and videos in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a preview of the adventures ahead. We've included links to complete listings of course offerings, as well as photos from last year's Upper School Intraterm. 

Upper School students will venture as far as Morocco, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and New Orleans. Others will work closer to home and on campus exploring a variety of topics such as the engineering behind electric bicycles in our MakerSpace.

Upper School Intraterm Courses

Intraterm 2017 Photos 

Middle School students will take part in eight courses that range from exploring the chemistry of flavor and fragrance to building a better air cannon; from learning backcountry safety skills to designing an Italian restaurant using 3D design software.

Middle School Intraterm Courses

Lower School is diving deep into the subject of oceans. Working in cross-age groups, students will take look at the world’s seas through an interdisciplinary lens to learn about ocean life, the people of the ocean (think pirates!), weather patterns and their effects, tides, coral reefs, geography, plate tectonics, and more.