On the Walls, In the halls

School News

Abstract Sculpture Inspired by Bruce Gray
Collaborative Work by the 7th Grade

A Keyboard Transformed Into an Abandoned Mall, Specifically, A Gucci Store
Ingrid Savin, 8th Grade

Gaby Gish, 8th Grade

Radial Name Design
You'll have to figure it out from the image! 6th Grade

Chalk Prints
Collaborative Work by the 5th Grade

Bubble Wrap Prints Layered with India Ink Garden Designs
Gabby Pass, Kindergarten

Value Skeletons
Alicia Sow, 9th Grade

Drawing Major Mixed-Media Composition 
Sabine Heid, 10th Grade

Collaborative Community Mural
Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grades

Zach Siegal (L) Dylan Corrigan (R), 2nd Grade