Middle School Volleyball Update

September 30, 2014- Coach Petersmeyer wrote in with the following update: “We are in the midst of a great volleyball season. We have 35 girls participating, grades 6-8, and every single player has improved tremendously. We made several additions this year including playing five days a week and initiating a fitness program with workouts twice a week. We have a very talented and passionate coaching staff of Elsie Macsata, Julia Littman and volunteer coach Katherine Thomas.

The girls in sixth and seventh grade are working on basic skill development, and have improved their passing, setting, serving, and team play. The eighth grade has stepped up and is running an advanced offense typically used by high school and college teams. They will certainly leave eighth grade ready for high school volleyball. Our eighth grade season record is 3-2, with our last home game scheduled for this Wednesday, October 1. We will finish our regular season on October 6 and then complete our season at a league tournament at Summit on October 11.”