Welcoming our International Students

School News
September 2, 2014- Field trips are nothing new to VMS, but this was the first of its kind. Two weeks ago, nearly two dozen upper school students traveled to Denver to welcome nine international students from China and Japan as they stepped off the plane at DIA. The VMS delegation represents the inaugural group of International Peer Mentors, students who volunteered to serve as official ambassadors for VMS. Of course, the Peer Mentors went bearing gifts--baskets filled with everything from games to teddy bears intended to help make their new friends feel welcome and to provide an introduction to some of the finer aspects of American culture, like Pop Rocks candy.

Each international student is paired with a three-person Peer Mentor group made up of a “Captain,” a “Generator” and a “Diplomat.” Captains coordinate the group, plan dates for meetings and activities, and communicate with the international program director. Generators come up with interesting and innovative activities to help motivate the group and keep things interesting. Diplomats have the unique ability to bring friends together, put strangers at ease, and solve problems. The Peer Mentor Program provides both an infrastructure of support for the international students as well as a platform for VMS students to serve as leaders, explore meaningful cultural exchange with students from around the globe, form powerful lifelong friendships, and benefit from increased travel and study abroad opportunities.

VIDEO: Welcoming our International Students to VMS
PHOTOS: Peer Mentor Welcome Trip