CO/WY Junior Academy of Science

VMS School News
April 29, 2014- Last weekend, VMS was represented at the Colorado-Wyoming Junior Academy of Science fair by middle school students who had qualified as a result of their achievement at the VMS Science Fair held earlier this year. We are proud to report that Chloe Pesso won Silver in the Medicine/Zoology category for her project: Dread the Bread--How acid affects different types of bread. Malia Hollander won Bronze in the Physical Science/Mathematics category for her project: Fizzics--Testing CO2 Levels in Soda Related to Air Pressure. Camille Chicoine won Silver in the Botany/Environmental Science category for her project--Aquatic Killer: The Impact of Acid Rain on Elodea. Katie Alonzo won Gold in the Botany/Environmental Science category for her project: Local Water Hardness. Katie was also recognized with an award from the Colorado Geological Survey.