Science Fair

School News

February 4, 2104- Seventh and eighth graders have been working on Science Fair projects over the past few months, and today, presented the fruits of their labor to fellow students, faculty, and a panel of outside judges from local organizations such as Walking Mountains Science Center and Steadman Phillippon Research Institute. An annual tradition dating back many years, the Fair is an opportunity to indulge curiosities and conduct controlled experiments. The questions at the heart of the projects are reflective of a broad range of interests and influences from ski racing to personal food allergies, and while some topics are whimsical and others more technical, all are guided by the scientific method, which provides a structure to prove or disprove a hypothesis. This year’s awards are as follows:

Seventh Grade
Best Overall: Camille Chicoine
Most Scientific: Chloe Pesso
Best Presentation: Mia Philippon
Most Original: Kate Kirwood
Best Display: Carly Lloyd

Eighth Grade:
Best Overall: Katie Alonzo
Most Scientific: Malia Hollander
Best Presentation: Jorge Ballesteros
Most Original: Trace Landreth
Best Display: Marc Philippon