Middle School Skiing State Champs

School News
February 18, 2104- Congratulations to Middle School Alpine Team for their success at the State Championships, which were held this past Friday at Keystone. The boys team is the State Champion (Boys) and the girls finished a very close 2nd overall behind Summit Middle School.

The boys team consists of Cameron Wolfe, Marcus Gore, Jorge Ballesteros, Jack Burch and George Savin.  Highlights of the day were: Cameron placing 2nd in the first slalom, 3rd in the 2nd slalom, and 3rd in the GS;  Marcus placing 1st in the 2nd slalom; Jorge placing 17th in the first slalom, 13th in the 2nd slalom, and 11th in the GS;  Jack placing 39th in the first slalom, 35th in the 2nd slalom, and 30th in the GS; and George taking 1st place in the afternoon Giant Slalom. 

The girls team members are Alyssa Hilb, Camille Chicoine, Bess Daniels, Ellie Brown, Jane Geisman, Emma Calarco, Brooke Weller, and Alexa Anderson.  The first slalom was led by Camille Chicoine in 3rd, followed by Alyssa Hilb in 4th, Ellie Brown 10th, Brooke Weller 11th, Emma Calarco 13th, Bess Daniels 21st, Jane Geisman 27th, and Alexa Anderson 32nd.  The second slalom had Alyssa Hilb in the top spot with the fastest time of the day,  followed by Ellie Brown in 9th, Camille Chicoine 10th, Emma Calarco 11th, Brooke Weller 12th, Bess Daniels 24th, Jane Geisman 26th and Alexa Anderson 29th.  The Girls GS results were: Alyssa Hilb placing 3rd, Emma Calarco 7th, Camille Chicoine 9th, Ellie Brown 11th, Brooke Weller 14th, Bess Daniels 22nd, and Alexa Anderson 25th.  

Coach Mitchell shares the following in closing out a fantastic few months: “I want to thank the whole team for their effort this season…it is very rewarding to see you all progress as young skiers. I also want to thank the parents for all their efforts to ensure that the season was successful, from carpooling to ski races to volunteering to gate keep to celebrating with the team after races. Thanks for keeping it fun even during blizzard conditions on the side of a hill or when stuck on the wrong side of Vail Pass!”