Upper School Sports

VMS Athletic Department Philosophy

In keeping with Vail Mountain School’s mission, the athletic programs at VMS provide a positive and inclusive atmosphere where participants will grow emotionally, intellectually and physically. Athletic programs are an extension of the classroom at VMS; important characteristics and skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and grit are ingrained through team building, practices or workouts, and games. 

Upper School Sports

Athletics and physical conditioning are considered essential components of a well-rounded VMS experience. Therefore, upper school students must fulfill a physical fitness requirement. This can be accomplished by involvement in an interscholastic sport or fitness activity approved by the athletic director. Please note that athletics offerings are subject to change. The following programs are offered:

Fall Sports

  • Boys & Girls Development & Varsity Cross Country (through CHSAA reciprocity)
  • Boys Development & Varsity Soccer
  • Girls Development & Varsity Volleyball
  • Boys Development & Varsity Golf
  • Boys Development & Varsity Tennis
  • Fitness/Yoga/Climbing

Winter Sports

  • Boys Development and Varsity Basketball
  • Girls Development Basketball
  • Boys & Girls Alpine Skiing
  • Boys & Girls Telemark Skiing
  • Fitness/Yoga/Climbing
  • Wrestling (through CHSAA reciprocity)
  • Hockey (through CHSAA recrocity)
  • Dance Team (through CHSAA reciprocity)

Spring Sports

  • Girls Development & Varsity Soccer
  • Girls Development & Varsity Golf
  • Girls Development & Varsity Tennis
  • Boys Development & Varsity Lacrosse
  • Girls Lacrosse (through CHSAA reciprocity)
  • Baseball (through CHSAA reciprocity)
  • Track and Field (through CHSAA reciprocity)
  • Dance Team (through CHSAA reciprocity)
  • Fitness/Yoga/Climbing