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Many VMS students pursue interests outside of school that demand significant commitments of both time and energy. VMS faculty willingly work with students, parents and coaches to ensure that ski racers, athletes, musicians, and artists can compete, train, and perform without compromising academics. These students are expected to be scholars as well as athletes or artists, and we are committed to supporting the highest level of achievement as both. Students and parents keep up with schoolwork and grades via an online course-management system, and by working with two full-time support staff, one of whom is a former ski racer.

As a formal academic partner of of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV), VMS is staffed, prepared, and accustomed to ensuring the academic success of snowsport athletes, and to helping their parents with the logistics of competing while keeping abreast of schoolwork. VMS’s dedicated liaisons can assist with communication as much as with tutoring, and help students compete or perform internationally, stay on top of academic demands, and make friends at the same time. Few schools offer this level of attentive, proactive support.

Vail Mountain School is proud to partner with our student skier-athletes, many of whom are skiers in the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV). It is important to note that VMS is not a ski academy, however, we are committed to accommodating our skier-athletes who require extensive time away from school to train and compete.

What can VMS offer competitive skiers and their families?

SSCV Partnership

VMS is a proud academic partner of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV), which is recognized as one of the best snowsport training programs in the world with offerings in Alpine, Freeski, Freestyle, Nordic and Snowboard. SSCV was represented at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics by currrent or alumni athletes and has been the catalyst for many recruited D1 College Athletes and US Ski Team members. Our relationship means that a student at VMS can train at an elite level and receive a rigorous college-preparatory education without compromising either. As members of the VMS community, it also means that these athletes will have social, enrichment, and athletic opportunities beyond the mountain.

Our Program

What do VMS skiers do after VMS?

VMS skiers have matriculated at these colleges among others:

Colby College
Bates College
Dartmouth College
Bowdoin College
University of Colorado - Boulder
Harvard University

Colby College
Dartmouth College
Montana State University
St. Michael's College
St. Lawrence University
University of Denver
University of Colorado - Boulder
Williams College

Elite Athletes