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The Vail Mountain School visual arts program develops our students’ talents and abilities at all levels. While they learn the fundamentals of art, explore the principles of design, and study the history of art, our artists learn to express themselves creatively.


The primary goal of the Visual Arts Department is to engage our students fully with their creativity. In the department, students, or ‘artists’ as we call them, are encouraged to be present and indulge in the creative process, learn new skills and techniques, and develop their visual communication through personal works of art. It is also our passion, alongside these opportunities, to provide a creative space to help understand oneself and become an empathic member of the global community. As the world we live in becomes more complex, we believe that being a creative thinker and maker is essential and can provide a source of relaxation, fulfillment, and direction to our artists.

Develop Character: Our artists can take risks in a safe studio environment. Through their creativity, they will have a better understanding of themselves and empathy for others. This self-awareness and knowledge, coupled with empathy, helps to create the character traits laid out in our mission.

Seek Knowledge: The arts foster a better understanding of oneself as well as a greater understanding of the global community. Through the arts, many topics are explored: new techniques, the work of others, ancient to contemporary, and cultures and traditions.

Build Community: Throughout the academic year, we build community with opportunities to celebrate the efforts of our young artists. These occasions may be in-house exhibitions, theater productions, music showcases, workshops led by students, and events such as Family Art Nights. All of these events are for our community to enjoy and celebrate with us. 

Family Art Night


Family Art Night is a much-loved tradition here at VMS. As part of our mission to build community, we open up our art studios one night each semester and invite parents to join their children in an evening of creativity. The event is led by a member of our Visual Art Department.