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The VMS music program opens students’ ears to music, its many genres, nuances, and methods of creation, and gives them a lifelong gift of appreciation. Students are offered a wealth of diverse opportunities to explore the kinesthetic, creative, collaborative, and just-plain-fun aspects of making music, mastering a musical instrument, collaborating with other students in a performance group, writing or arranging music for a vocal ensemble, or studying the development of Western music.

Lower School students learn rhythms and ready music through movement, Orff instrumentation and singing.  Students have several performances throughout the school year which includes a Winter Showcase, Grandfriends Day, and several recitals for the parents and school community. Students in 4th grade applies their knowledge from the previous four years to learn and play the recorder. Fourth grade also performs in the Winter Showcase and Grandfriends Day along with recitals throughout the year. Fifth grade students learn about band instruments.  Students get their right brain and left brain working together, as they have to read music, rhythms, blow in an instrument and finger the notes. They have several concerts throughout the year for the VMS community.

Middle School students can select from classes in Choir and Concert Band as their musical passions develop.

In the Upper School, our music program culminates with AP Music Theory, student-driven ensembles, and other musical passions. We even have a recording studio!

VMS students have access to a state-of-the-art recording studio. Designed and built in partnership with professional musicians, the studio houses 24-track recording equipment integrated with industry-standard production software that can be used to create any kind of music. This space has been utilized for students pursuing music-focused senior projects, recording podcasts for Middle School language arts, and producing soundscapes for theatre productions.