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The stage is set and the canvas is ready for student creativity and innovation!

Vail Mountain School provides a comprehensive visual and performing arts curriculum for Kindergarten - 12th grade students. By developing a sense of creative exploration at a young age, VMS students discover new interests through more than 20 classes and programs offered. Expert faculty guide students to develop and display their talents in theatre, dance, music, and visual arts.

The best part is watching our child blossom as a student and as a person. There are far more opportunities for creativity than I expected, and so much more support for my daughter's individual needs. Lower School Parent


Theatre & Dance


Visual Arts

Upper School Arts & Technology Curriculum

Performing Arts Courses Offered

At the Upper School level, the Performing Arts program is designed to allow students with interests in music or drama to further develop their skills through both exploratory and performance-based courses. Upper School music performance will include Instrumental Ensemble, Theatre, and a Performing Arts Appreciation.  All students entering 10th grade in 2021 are required to complete one semester of Performing Arts during their time at VMS.  

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Visual Arts Courses Offered

In Upper School, students may take a variety of Visual Arts courses designed to enhance their skills and hone their talents. In the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, and digital media art, students take a sequence of classes of increasing skill level to meet the art requirements. Upper School electives combine studio work with theory, aesthetics, criticism, and understanding of the arts. Introductory level courses cover critical skills and concepts such as composition, color fundamentals, understanding of materials and techniques involved in the specific medium that is being practiced. As students progress to higher level classes, they use these skills and develop more complex techniques, leading to the artist's individual voice and unique styles of artwork. For Upper School students who seek more intensive studies, AP Studio Art, Senior Portfolio, and Senior Projects in the arts are possible. 

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