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A limited number of $10,000 merit scholarships available now

At Vail Mountain School, we understand the importance of recognizing and cultivating talent in all its forms. Two NEW merit-based scholarships offer students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential, and enthusiasm for giving back to their community $10,000 per year through graduation.

Vail Mountain School provides a rigorous academic curriculum complemented by a wide range of co-curricular arts and technology offerings, experiential extracurriculars, athletics, advanced resources, two full time college counselors, and expert faculty who are rapport-driven and committed to student success. These scholarships represent VMS's commitment to fostering a diverse learning community where every student can thrive and achieve their full potential.

The “Rising Leaders Scholarship" 
This scholarship is for Upper School students (grades 9-12 in the 2023-24 school year) who display promise in leadership in one or more areas of the VMS Mission: Develop Character, Seek Knowledge, and Build Community. Displays of leadership may exist inside or outside the classroom.


Personal Growth and Confidence: VMS provides a unique environment where students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and embrace challenges. Through various leadership positions, students develop a profound sense of confidence and self-worth. These experiences build resilience, cultivate adaptability, and foster personal growth, equipping students with the skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.
Finding Your Voice: Our student leaders are not just participants; they are active contributors who have the opportunity to shape the very fabric of our school community. They are given a platform to voice their ideas, opinions, and suggestions, and even play a role in shaping school policies and programs. This inclusive approach instills a deep sense of ownership within our students, ensuring that they feel heard, valued, and truly connected to their educational journey.
Developing a Strong Community Network: At VMS, we understand the power of connections. Student leaders have the unique opportunity to interact with a diverse range of individuals, including their peers, teachers, administrators, and members of external organizations and the Vail Valley. In turn, our students build invaluable relationships, expand their social circles, and establish meaningful connections that can have a lasting impact. From recommendations for college applications to future career opportunities, these connections open doors to a world of possibilities.

VMS 5th Grade ”Intellectual Adventurers Scholarship"
Give your child the head start they deserve. In partnership we will nurture their passions, fuel their curiosity, and empower them to become confident, compassionate, and successful individuals.

  • This scholarship is for rising 5th grade students (2023-24 school year) that connects the concept of intellectual curiosity with the willingness to go boldly into new territories and take academic risks; also ties in with experiential and outdoor education.

Curiosity and courage are some of the most powerful indicators of success. This scholarship is for rising 5th grade students (2023-24 school year) for whom a sense of intellectual curiosity is inextricably linked with a willingness to go boldly into new territories. Such students may be described as inquisitive, active problem solvers, persistent, and/or resilient. Whether the student is already familiar with experiential education and how it can benefit one physically, socially, and emotionally, or is courageously willing to face the exciting challenges and rewards of outdoor adventuring with peers and teachers, we welcome the open minded student who is ready to grow.
The 5th grade year is a pivotal period for personal growth and leadership development. At VMS, we provide numerous opportunities for students to take on roles that promote critical thinking, self confidence, and self advocacy—in the classroom, within collaborative project based learning, through our cross age programming, on stage, and through outdoor education. More importantly, integrating into the culture of our K-12 community during the 5th grade year allows students to grasp the demands of the curriculum, build meaningful connections with teachers and peers, gain a strong sense of belonging, and thrive academically and personally as they approach the rigors of Middle and Upper School.


How do I Apply?

  • Submit a VMS Application, and be sure to complete the supplemental optional essay section. Student “Optional Essay” responses can be submitted in written form (1 page maximum) or as a 1-2 minute video response.

Who is Eligible?

  • Any NEW student who is not currently enrolled for the 2023-2024 VMS School Year is eligible and encouraged to apply.

Will these Scholarships continue through my Student's VMS career?

  • Yes, the Scholarship Award is given through the merit-scholars' senior year, as long as student remains in good standing.

Is there a deadline to apply?

  • Complete applications must be submitted by Friday, Aug 4, 2023.



Thank everyone at VMS for seeing our child. Not just his grades or test scores but who he is. The priority you place on knowing him as a human plays a vital role in unlocking his academic potential. 

Upper School VMS Parent

Jennifer Bill
Director of Admission, Lower School (K-5)
Tel: 970-477-7175

Jeremy Thelen
Director of Admission, Middle and Upper Schools
Tel: 970-477-7164

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New Merit Scholarships for 2023-2024