International Applicants & Homestay

Vail Mountain School welcomes students from outside the United States. Some attend VMS for a year and others for several. Information about the application process and homestays can be found below. 

International Application

Please contact Jeremy Thelen, Director of Admission, by email at if you have any questions. 
  1. Complete the online parent and student application forms using the link that follows this list.
  2. Submit three recommendation forms completed by your current math teacher, English teacher, and an administrator or guidance counselor. These forms are available in the online application or by clicking here (download English evaluation) (download math evaluation)
  3. Submit past records including report cards, transcript(s), and standardized test results for past three years. Any other available testing data such as gifted program, pyscho-educational, etc. is also required.
  4. Submit your total TOEFL or ELTiS score including your sub scores. Please take a screen shot of your scores, include your name in the screenshot, and e-mail it to Jeremy Thelen, Director of Admission, by email at
  5. Submit a supplemental student essay that answers the following questions individually. Please e-mail your essay to Jeremy Thelen, Director of Admission, by e-mail at
    • Please list one or two subjects you enjoy the most and explain why they have been of special interest to you and what makes school enjoyable for you?
    • Please describe how you respond to academic challenge?
    • How do you communicate with your teachers, advisors and peers?
    • What do you think are the main differences between education in your country versus education in America?
    • What are you most excited about regarding studying at Vail Mountain School and living with an American family?
    • How are you involved in your community? (For example, volunteer work, paid work or community service.)
    • Please list the sports or athletic activities in which you participate.
    • Please list and describe your music, theater or artistic involvement.
    • What makes you an interesting and unique individual?
Click here to begin the online application process  


International guest students are hosted by local families selected through an in-depth screening program. Homestays ensure that visiting students receive the love, inclusion and attention outside of school that children need to thrive. Such settings also support immersion in English. Host families are chosen based on their ability to provide a safe and supportive homestay and a willingness to completely integrate the students as a member of their family. Host parents provide meals outside school, transportation and a private bedroom for guest students. Families interested in learning more about hosting students should contact Jeremy Thelen at