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Thank you for your interest in Vail Mountain School, we look forward to hearing from you! To begin the application process, please click on the link below which will take you to our admissions portal on the Ravenna website. You will also use Ravenna to pay the application fee, and submit supplemental forms such as teacher evaluations, school records, student essays, and parent/guardian statements. Should you need assistance using Ravenna, please contact They will gladly work with parents to answer questions or troubleshoot any issues. If you have questions about the application, please feel free to reach out to

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Application Process

The application process is multi-tiered and includes submitting a formal application, as well as in-person, telephone, or Zoom interviews with the Director of Admission. Families learn about the school’s mission and values, programs, facilities, and community. At the same time, the school learns about a family’s reasons for exploring VMS and the goals they have for their child’s education. A tour of the school typically takes place at this point, although it can also be paired with the student visit day, which takes place later.

A complete application for admission consists of:
  • Completed online application. Students applying for grades 6-12 are expected to complete a portion of the application themselves. The application for grades K-5 is completed by parents.
  • 3 years of school records including grades and formal transcripts
  • Teacher recommendations. Applicants in grades 1-5 submit one from their main classroom teacher. Those in grades 6-12 provide recommendations from: an English teacher; a math teacher; and a representative of the school, which can be the principal, an advisor, or counselor. For applicants to kindergarten, there is an observation form to be filled out by their preschool teacher.
  • Current standardized, normed testing such as the IOWA, ERB, Stanford, CSAP, NWEA, etc.
  • Any testing the applicant has had must be provided. Examples may include WISC, WISPI, Gizell, COGAT, gifted and talented profiles or processing disorder profiles.
  • An in-person visit day where the applicant spends the day at VMS participating in current-grade level classes. Applicants for kindergarten participate in a Readiness Screening playdate in place of the visit day, and a representative of the school will observe the applicant in the familiar learning setting of their preschool if possible.