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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do most Vail Mountain School families live?

Families commute to VMS from as far east as Breckenridge and as far west as Gypsum, but the majority of students live in Edwards, Avon, and Vail. 

What time does the school day begin and end?

Morning meeting begins at 8:10 am and carpool begins at 3:15 pm. However, Lower Schoolers can pop into the gym at 7:45 am for “Rev Up The Brain,” and Upper School students have a 9:00 am late start on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What does tuition include?

Tuition includes technology devices for grades K-7, most in-state travel, hut trips, field trips, daily catered buffet lunches, and yearbooks.

What is diversity like at VMS?

At VMS we acknowledge the many types of diversity that enrich our students’ experiences, including socio-economic, geographic, neurodivergence, racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. 

To further support those from diverse backgrounds, merit and need-based scholarships are available and one in four families receives tuition assistance. Student Support Services and trained classroom teachers provide support to those with learning differences. We believe in adopting inclusive policies and programs to make VMS accessible to all members of our community and to foster a strong sense of belonging for all.

What is a waitpool?

A waitpool is a non-ranked list of students who have completed the application process and have been accepted, but for whom the school does not have a space in the grade at the moment. This group of applicants will be considered for enrollment when a space becomes available. VMS historically enrolls students in almost every grade each year.