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Applying to VMS

The application process is multi-tiered and includes submitting a formal application, as well as in-person, telephone, or Zoom interviews with the Director of Admission and Division Director. Families learn about the school’s mission and values, programs, facilities, and community. At the same time, the school learns about a family’s reasons for exploring VMS and the goals they have for their child’s education. A tour of the school typically takes place at this point, although it can also be paired with the student visit day, which takes place later.

The ideal partnerships exist when shared goals, philosophical beliefs, and cultural alignment are embraced by both the family and the school. We look forward to talking with you and learning about your expectations for this partnership. 

Applying to VMS

Application Process

"We are extremely pleased with our VMS experience thus far. It speaks volumes that Sadie's favorite place to be is at school with her teachers and classmates. VMS has provided the perfect sanctuary for her growth and development. As parents, this has in turn provided us both comfort and joy. It has been wonderful watching her blossom under the guide and tutelage of the VMS."

Lower School Parent

Portrait of a Student