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Middle School

Middle School Philosophy

Middle School is a time when young adults are developing their identity, discovering themselves, and building independence. It is a time to encourage mistakes and healthy risk-taking, to create more opportunities for learning life lessons, and to focus on individual character development in preparation for future success. VMS Middle School students benefit from being led on a path of self-discovery in terms of who they are as a learner, who they are as a friend, and who they are as a member of a community. The VMS Middle School faculty endeavors to know the whole child inside and outside of the classroom to better support them on their three year journey of learning.

The teachers know our daughter can do more than she's ever been asked to do up to this point and they are pushing her to explore an education beyond the boundaries of the regular curriculum. Middle and Upper School Parent

Trevor Adams
Director of Middle School

Middle School

Every child participates in the Homebase program, which is a defining element of a VMS education. Homebase is a daily meeting between students and an advising teacher which serves as a time to reflect, plan, prioritize and support each other in a family environment.

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Intraterm is a cherished VMS tradition, a “term between terms” for all students that typically occurs in mid-February before the winter break. The purpose of Intraterm is to give students the opportunity to participate in intensive explorations of subjects beyond the regular curriculum and perhaps beyond their normal scope of interest.

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Middle School is a perfect time to build a passion for the outdoors and the skills to explore the natural world around us. Each school year begins with multi-day orientation trips to create a strong learning community and welcome new friends.

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