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What Makes VMS Kindergarten So Special?

Kindergarten is a crucial foundation for building a love of learning. At VMS, kindergarten students embark on a journey of inquiry, curiosity, community, social-emotional learning, and a curriculum that balances academics with arts, PE, STEM-based activities, and more. The senior-kindergarten buddy relationship is a signature program that alumni remark on as one of their most cherished memories.

Our Community

Our Teachers

Our Curriculum

Our Location

Our Community

Every day we are at school, our decision to drive 40 minutes each way is reinforced. The recent Celebration of Learning was a tangible measure of the value of a VMS education. We deeply enjoyed having both daughters walk us through their year of education in all topics. Their pride was matched by ours as we reviewed their work and the progress they had made over the course of the year. Lower School Parent