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What Makes VMS Kindergarten So Special?

Our Teachers

  • The best and brightest focused on one thing—your child
  • Rapport-driven, student-teacher relationships ensure individualized attention. The result: a foundation for learning that supports both the academic and social-emotional growth of your child.
  • Expertise in differentiated learning provides support and challenge depending on the needs of your child.
  • Comprehensive professional development throughout the year equips faculty with leading-edge strategies for teaching and curriculum development.
  • Inspiring and engaging students both in and out of the classroom  
  • A well-rounded, liberal arts approach encourages exploration of passions.
  • Co-curricular enrichments include: Spanish and Mandarin, greenhouse, visual and performing arts, music, physical education, and Ski Fridays.
  • Project-based learning encourages student choice and gives context and meaning to work.
  • Weekly STEAM units inspire creative thinking and build problem solving skills.
  • Robust after school academy offerings provide a wide-range of exciting cross-age enrichments.

Our Curriculum

Our Community

  • Nurturing the greatness in one through the strength of many
  • A vibrant K-12 community all under one roof creates a joyful, cross-age learning environment.
  • Our signature Senior Buddy Program connects our youngest and oldest learners through special traditions that inspire a sense of belonging.
  • A warm, welcoming parent community provides opportunities to be involved.
  • An education that cannot be found anywhere else in the world
  • A beautiful, purpose-built facility that feels more like home than a school.
  • Classrooms inspired by the specific developmental needs of each age group.
  • World-class performing arts space; year-round turf field and playground; climate controlled greenhouse; state of the art technology; communal dining hall with house-made, healthy lunch included in tuition

Our Location

Every day we are at school, our decision to drive 40 minutes each way is reinforced. The recent Celebration of Learning was a tangible measure of the value of a VMS education. We deeply enjoyed having both daughters walk us through their year of education in all topics. Their pride was matched by ours as we reviewed their work and the progress they had made over the course of the year. Lower School Parent