Outdoor Education

Lessons taught in the classroom are complemented by learning in the field, and the knowledge gained about oneself while exploring the outdoors. With our location in the middle of one of the most incredible places on Earth, students have a unique opportunity to witness geology, biology, and snow science firsthand. Equally, if not more important, field trips, orientation trips, winter hut trips, and ski fridays provide a structured and safe environment for students to take risks, face and overcome challenges, and build confidence—leadership skills that will serve them their whole life. From canoes and cliff faces, they see the world — the real world — and learn to operate confidently and comfortably in it. Experiences like this also build strong bonds among teachers and students, which serve as the foundation for our rapport-based learning community. This is why, for decades, each school year begins with orientation trips for middle and upper school students.

Vail Mountain School is an equal opportunity service provider and operates under special use permit from the White River National Forest.