Life in the Vail Valley

The typical story of a Vail local goes something like this: “I came here intending to stay for a season, but have been here for 17 years.” Others have moved here more recently, taking advantage of flexibility in their careers in search of a better life for their family. For more than 5o years, we've been educating chidlren of local famiies who come from a variety of backgrounds and places, but who all share a common love for the valley and an uncomprmising commitment to the education of their children. Many families who live near major metropolitan areas are surprised to learn that there is an independent school in Vail on par with those back home. In fact, we frequently hear from new families that our school was the deciding factor in their decision to move to Vail. 

The common thread among people in the Valley is a love for the outdoor adventure, stunning views, and like-minded people that abound in our perfect patch of earth. Where city dwellers mourn snow, we celebrate it. Rainy days create world-class whitewater and yield grippy dirt singletrack described by mountain bikers as “summer powder days.” While the skiing is great, the golf is extraordinary. Our communities are safe, and parents rest easy knowing that their children will grow up with plenty of positives in place of the negative influences and challenges of life in the city.

Surrounded by 350,000 acres of wild and stunning national forest, Vail Mountain School’s 11-acre campus is a remarkable place. It’s down the street from one of the largest ski mountains in America, flanked by a bustling town with scores of restaurants and shops, and just far enough away from population centers to be unspoiled, but close enough that a trip for back-to-school shopping or a concert at Red Rocks is relatively painless. All of these elements, combined with our rigorous college-preparatory curriculum and unique community, help Vail Mountain School to provide an education that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.