Division Directors

Kristin Douthitt, Director of Lower School

Kristin Douthitt studied child development, mathematics and elementary education at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Her career in education began in 1993 in a kindergarten classroom with her own beloved kindergarten teacher. Before coming to VMS she taught Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 4th grade in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee.  In 2001, Kristin joined VMS as a kindergarten teacher and then moved to third grade homebase in 2002. During this time, she took on various leadership roles including the K-12 department chair for mathematics and then the lower school division chair. She took over the leadership of the lower school in 2018. Kristin believes that positive school culture is the backbone of successful student learning. Nurturing a collaborative relationship grounded in common goals and relational trust and communication establish the child at the center of their lifelong learning with a supportive team encouraging them through their journey. This empowers and motivates early learners to be deeply engaged in their education, building rapport with others and using their curiosity to build knowledge. Kristin encourages innovation and best practices in teaching through risk taking, professional development and research. Since all students are different, it is important to rely on data, intervention and constant reflection of practices and progress to provide each student with a quality education that speaks to the VMS mission. Kristin believes that the lower school should be a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment for students to learn and demonstrate a growth mindset. 

Kabe ErkenBrack, Director of Middle School

Kabe ErkenBrack is a Colorado native who was born in Grand Junction and grew up in Denver. After graduating high school (and a brief stint working at Casa Bonita), he lived in Germany as an apprentice stone mason for a year. After carving stone, Kabe studied Philosophy and the History of Math and Science at St. John’s College in Annapolis. Upon graduating, he spent a year playing music in Austin, Texas before returning to the Washington, D.C. area to begin his work as a teacher.

In 2006, Kabe was hired as a middle school special education teacher in a low-income neighborhood in Washington, D.C. There he learned how to earn the respect of students and the nuances of discipline. After the charter school, he taught Math and was the Special Education Coordinator at the Field School, in Washington, D.C. Next, he traveled to Boston and earned a master’s degree in education from Harvard University, while interning at the MATCH Public Charter School and the Perkins School for the Blind. Kabe joined VMS in 2011, where he also teaches Math and Philosophy and emphasizes that “Education is more than sitting in desks and learning what people tell you.”

Maggie Pavlik, Director of Upper School

A graduate of Colorado College, Maggie has worn many hats at VMS including SummerQuest Director, Teacher, Ski and Snowboard Club Student Liaison and Director, Middle School Director, and most recently, Academic Dean of the Upper School.  If that weren’t enough, Maggie is also mom to Lower School students. She certainly has a personal interest in ensuring that VMS provides the best independent school education possible!