Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

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Holiday Break Guidance

We plan to open for on-campus learning on Monday, January 4. In order to make this happen, we urge you to adhere to the following behaviors:
  • Follow the Eagle County Five Commitments of Containment.
  • Limit or eliminate out of state travel. 
  • If you do travel on an airplane or have been in a questionable social situation, please quarantine for one week after this exposure. This may mean remote learning after the break for your child.
  • Per Gov. Polis’ instructions, only interact in person with people from your household.
  • If you or a family member becomes ill over break, please keep the school informed by completing this form. Our school nurse is also on a well-deserved break but will be checking for these forms throughout the break.
Faculty Well-Being
So many considerate community members have asked about the health and well-being of our teachers who are on the frontlines daily. It is important to note that 50% of our teachers have been in quarantine for at least 14 days and some for up to 28 days due to primary exposure in the classroom (NOT due to a positive case themselves). Our teachers are at risk and many of them have their own families at home who are also put at risk due to exposure. Keeping our faculty healthy and out of quarantine is essential if we want to open with on-campus learning on January 4. Please consider their health and the health of our entire community as you make decisions over the holiday break.

Quarantine Policy
Many of you heard the good news that the CDC has recently modified its policy on the 14-day quarantine. All Eagle County Schools have agreed that we will now follow the county recommended shorter 10-day quarantine. We hope this will lift the burden a bit to our families and teachers.

Please follow these guidelines over the next few weeks and consider the entire community when making decisions regarding travel and social gatherings.

Resources for Parents and Students
Our new School Counselor Julie Bednar and our Staff Psychologist Kate Drescher have put together several valuable resources to help parents navigate support their children.

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During COVID-19

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WELL BEINGS: Teens, Covid and Coping on YouTube

How Parents Can Help Kids Who Are Scared and Anxious During the Pandemic

Learning Protocols:

Feel free to use the links below to learn more about our health protocols for both our current on-campus learning plan as well as a contingency remote learning plan:
On-Campus Learning Plan
Remote Learning Plan(if needed)


Admissions is Open

Our Admissions Officers look forward to talking with you! We are currently offering some in-person tours and interviews, virtual tours, and interviews, and telephone or Zoom conversations.  Contact Jen Bill for Lower School admissions and Jeremy Thelen for Middle and Upper School admissions. Please visit our Admissions webpage for more information!